Best Friends_(13)

She waited the second or so it took before his token resistance crumbled, he often made that he didn’t want what she offered, but he’d never said no to her.

“A-ah!” She moaned out, tilting her head back as she felt his semi-rough tongue against the hot tight hole of her ass, caressing over it, wetting is as she started to slowly pump her fist up and down her hard shaft, “Yes, just like that baby, worship my ass…”

Ardanis let out a low moan as he lay on his back, still fully clothed, the plump rounded cheeks of her ass encompassing his face, Tesla clearly enjoying her seat as he worked his tongue against the tight ring of her pink hole.

She smiled and moaned ever so gently, gently urging her hips forward and backwards as she ground down against him, eager to feel more of his tongue as she squeezed her thick rod between her fingers, the length slickening with pre as her heavy balls got to work producing the clear liquid.

“Mmf that feels good, get your tongue right up in there and I might even reward you…” she growled in a sultry tone, her lips parted and her tongue lolling slightly as she pleasured herself.

Squirming a little, his own cock now hard in the confines of his pants he did as he was bid, his tongue pressing harder to her tight hole, deepening his kiss, all but frenching her bubbly ass as she squirmed and rode his face, loving every second of his snaking tongue.

Panting she felt the need to cum rise in her heavy balls, tempted to blow her load then and there, eager to feel the release and lighten the burden on her nuts, but she was having too much fun jerking herself off.

Leaving it until the very last moment where she began to approach the point of no return, she pulled back, leaning up to give both of them a break as she let go of her pulsing and throbbing cock, feeling the edge ebb away from her as she panted, leaning back to give herself a break, though not him, moving her heavy balls to rest across his mouth.

“Mm… Lemme just take a break for a moment, lick these instead…” she offered the feline, grinning playfully as she was able to look into his yellow eyes past the length of her cock.

He looked up at her with half-lidded eyes, his expression one of mild annoyance and overriding lust but, as she knew he would, he moved to obey her.

She let out a soft moan, feeling her full balls lifted and fondled in turn by his wet pink tongue.

She squirmed at the erotic sensations of it, the sense of power it gave her and, as he saw to her heavy cum filled balls, she untied the laces to her outfit, looping it off over her head to discard it on the floor.

She smiled then, her cock bobbing slightly in time to her heart beat as she lifted and cupped her own soft breasts, squeezing them in the palm of her hands, placing her thick nipples in the curve of her thumb and forefinger, squeezing and massaging the sensitive engorged nubs, pulling moans from her as he kissed and licked at her oversized nuts.

“Mm fuck yes… Harder, make me really feel good and maybe I’ll reward you…” she grinned, looking down at him over the swell of her cupped breasts and saw the desire for her in his eyes.

His actions intensified, kissing and sucking on her heavy balls, lifting them, with effort, on his tongue, washing and bathing them as she moaned above him, writhing cutely, her soft thighs pressing against his face as she leaned down, fully resting her sack across his face as he tongued and worshipped her. She languished there for some time, staring, eyes half-lidded at nothing, just lost to the wonderful sensations.

Finally, panting, she leaned up, her cock still hard and dripping with pre, begging for attention.

“A-alright, I think you’ve earned yourself a little reward…” she said softly, a soft grin on her lips as she winked down at him, his tongue out, his breathe as worn out as her own just from the lewdness of the situation and the oxygen depredation she had caused by sitting on his face with her plump ass.

“W-what kind of reward?” was all he managed, panting softly as she looked down on him.

Her grin only widened, “How about a blowjob?”

With that on offer it didn’t take him long to undress, lying down again on the bed at her instruction, this time eagerly, his dark grey cock at full mast, mimicking her own as he lay down, the pair of them naked now, her taller and curvier, him slender and lithe, each ideal in the others eyes.

“No no, head over the edge of the bed like… Like that, yeah!” she bit her lip, looking down as his mouth lined up with his throat, just as she wanted it.

She stepped forward and his eyes widened as he saw her erect dripping tool approach his mouth, “H-hey I thought I was going to be the one getting a blowjob?”

“You are!” she said, “I’m just not going to waste an opportunity is all.”

He parted his lips to protest, but, proving her point and spotting an opportunity she slid forward, sinking her length into the waiting warmth of his mouth, chewing on her lip and not stopping she continued her conquest, her cock depressing his tongue, letting him feel each ridge and vein as she pushed forward until, at last, her cock found the entrance to his throat.

He raised his hands to protest, pushing weakly against her thighs but it didn’t stop her, it didn’t even slow her.

She fed her cock forward until every inch of her massive shaft was buried inside his waiting hole, the thick cock filling his mouth and bulging his throat, her huge balls pressed to his face, each heavy orb snug against one of his eyes as she ground down against him.

She let out a moan, knowing she was letting a few eager drops of pre slide down his throat as she leaned down, a tiny taste of what was to come.

Slowly she leaned down, bringing her lips to kiss his cockhead, her stomach and chest resting across his own, albeit in their opposites. She shut her eyes and closed her lips around his cock, feeling the silkiness of the smooth skin fill her mouth, it’s heat and taste flooding her tuned senses as she began to suck, slowly rolling her plush lips down his steely shaft.

She was so engrossed in her act of sucking him off that she was only brought back to her thoughts by his hand, slapping against her bubbly rear with an air of desperation, causing her thick cheek to jiggle.

Withdrawing his cock from her mouth she let out a giggle, “Oops…” was all she said as she slowly pulled her own cock out of his throat till only the tip rested between his lips.

She heard him draw in a lungful of air through his nose and without pause, sent herself back down his throat.

Tesla continued like this for a while, teasing and working his cock with her mouth, licking it, kissing it, sucking on the tip, giving him a slow loving bj, just as she had promised, though the romantic sentiment was somewhat spoiled by the slow degrading throat fuck, only withdrawing herself from the sheath of his throat when he slapped and squeezed her reddening ass cheeks.

She adored Ardanis, adored knowing that this grey feline, despite his meagre protests, would come back time and time again to be on the receiving end of her advances.

She was moaning hard now, taking deep bobs on his cock, letting it slide over her tongue, a rare treat for her partners, her suction intense, her desires mounting.

Ardanis, for his part, was barely doing anything besides focusing on his breathing, he had no control over the pleasure she was giving him or that he was giving her, he was merely, as it were, along for the ride, he felt her cock throbbing in his mouth and throat and he recognised the mounting need in the horny dalmatian, to his delight he felt the same pleasures beginning to course through his own body, his eagerness increasing, his desire to cum together with her overriding all thoughts and worries, even as her heavy nuts slapped repeatedly into his upper face.

Tesla suddenly felt herself pushed over the edge, her cock wet and slick with his saliva, throbbing and pulsing inside his mouth and throat, she had no idea how close Ardanis was to joining her and, in that moment, the moment of ultimate pleasure as her climax hit, she didn’t much care.

“A-ah! Ardanis!!” she cried out, freeing his cock from her mouth, leaving it just on the edge of climax!

Ardanis arched his back, scrabbling with his feet against the cloth of her bed, pushing his crotch up towards her lips, even a kiss, a caress, hell, a gentle breeze would make him cum at this point!!

She leaned up, head tilted back as she panted, completely oblivious to his torment as she hilted her slick length once more in him, the chubby cock firing the first rope of her hot, thick seed deep into the stomach of her lover.

Ardanis writhed helplessly under her weight and control, helpless, unable to give even the iota of attention he needed to cum to his cock, teetering on the edge as he felt a hot pool form deep inside his body.

Her balls, pressed tight to his face and twitching, were truly huge and, he knew from experience, they carried the load to match. He felt the heat within him grow and multiply as she shot rope into rope, dominating him, marking him as her bitch.

For what seemed forever she pumped her thick gooey load into him, her cock so deep inside of him that he wasn’t even given the option to swallow, she was depositing her load directly into him without the need for him, as a middleman, to swallow.

Finally, he felt her massive shaft begin to withdraw from his mouth, her orgasm subsiding, degradingly he felt it drag across his tongue, tasting the saltiness of her victory and he felt like he had drunk a full quart of her hot viscous cream.

She rolled off of him, panting hard as she lay on her side, his head still draped over the side of the bed, strands of cum and saliva trailing across his fur and down his face, his breathing hard, hers ragged and interspersed with moans.

“A-ah… Ardanis… That was amazing… You’re such… Such a good boy…” she moaned, looking down at him, his cock still erect, throbbing eagerly, like a steel pole pointed towards the ceiling, “Mm, you didn’t even cum…” she said, and, reaching out, she poked the sensitive tip of his cock with a single fingertip.

He gasped, arching his back as his cock erupted with the load that had been teetering for so long, Tesla stared on in amazement, and amusement, as his cock exploded with cum, his own sticky ropes of cum arching high above them, only to fall, spending themselves on his own chest neck and face.

Ardanis lay there, feeling the added layer of humiliation streak and mat his sleek, well-groomed fur. His own load was smaller than hers and it wasn’t long before it was completed.

He looked up at her, his yellow eyes narrowed, exhausted, satisfied.

“So… Netflix?” she said, grinning slyly as moved to sit up on one elbow, her full breasts bouncing as she repositioned, loving the scene before her, the splayed out feline covered in his own cum with, to her delight, a belly full of hers.

“O-only if… We can play again after…” he said softly.

She laughed gently and reached out, stroking his fur where the cum had missed, “Aw sweetie… We can play during too.”

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Best Friends_(13)